4 Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a great option for many homeowners. Understanding the benefits of hardwood floors can help determine if they're right for your home. Here are four benefits of wood floors so you can decide if hardwood is right for you:

Gorgeous Grain 

Many people that choose wood floors for their homes choose them for their grain patterns. There are many types of wood available on the market to capture the look you want for your home. From more neutral grains like oak to more vibrant ones like cherry or walnut, there is a perfect hardwood floor out there for your home.

If you plan to leave the grain natural, choose lighter woods to open up a space. You could choose darker woods for a more cozy look. 

Easy To Care For

Wood floors are easy to care for. For day-to-day maintenance, you only have to mist the floor lightly with a hardwood-approved cleaner and then wipe it up with a dry mop. With good care, you'll only need to refinish your floors every 7 to 10 years

Hardwood floors even handle pet-related spills with ease. Take care to clean up any accidents immediately and your floors will be in great shape for years to come. You may need to wax your floors more frequently with pets in the home, but that depends on how active your pets are in the home. 

Hardwood Floors Are Eco Friendly 

There's an array of flooring options that are eco-friendly and hardwood floors are among them. Wood floors need to be replaced less frequently than their carpeted counterparts. With proper care, hardwood floors only need to be refinished periodically and not completely replaced. 

If you want to take the eco-friendliness of wood floors to the next level, you can purchase sustainably harvested floors. Sustainably harvested boards are harvested by loggers that take the individual tree when it's time, there's no clearcutting involved so it preserves more of the forest. So you can rest easy about where your floors came from. 

Long Lasting 

Hardwood floors last a long time, in many cases, they can last the life of your home. Even if your floors sustain dings and scratches, they can often be refinished to erase the damage. 

If you're interested in hardwood flooring, talk to your local hardwood flooring contractor. They will be able to discuss whether hardwood floors are suitable for your home and provide tips for proper installation. 

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