Keeping Residential Carpet Looking Like New

If you recently had residential carpeting installed in your home, you likely want it to retain its original look for as long as you possibly can. There are some steps that help to keep carpeting looking its best. Incorporate these actions into your daily routine so you can enjoy your carpeting's appearance.

Provide An Area For Shoe Collection

If you do not wish for debris to be dragged across carpeting, it is best to remove your shoes before walking across your floors. This reduces the collection of loose debris in carpeted areas. Provide guests with an area rug near doorways entering rooms with the new carpeting. They can take off their shoes and place them on one of the rugs while visiting. 

Get Your Vacuum Cleaner Ready

When you vacuum new carpeting, it is best to use a machine that has been cleaned down beforehand. Wipe down each of the vacuum cleaner's wheels with a piece of clean cloth dipped in water to remove any loose debris from the unit. Make sure the vacuum cleaner's height setting matches the carpeting properly. If you are unsure about the setting to use, refer to your vacuum cleaner's handbook or contact your carpeting supplier for more information.

Use Area Rugs In Key Areas

If the carpeting in your home is present in spots where high foot traffic is expected, these spots are prone to becoming dirty more quickly than in other areas within your structure. Consider using area rugs in these areas to cut down on the amount of debris that lands on your new carpeting. The area rugs can be quickly removed and cleaned whenever you desire.

Invest In Cleaning Supplies

When your carpeting becomes discolored, stained, or grungy in appearance, cleaning is necessary to remove debris from the material it is comprised of. Check with your flooring supplier about restrictions with cleaning supplies for the exact carpet brand installed in your home. Always adhere to the cleaning supply instructions exactly to ensure the carpeting does not become altered in any way.

Tend To Spills Promptly

When something is spilled upon your new carpeting, fast action is needed to remove solid debris or liquid from it immediately. Remove solid debris using a piece of cloth to pick it up or a vacuum cleaner to remove smaller pieces. Blot liquid spills with a dry piece of cloth. Avoid rubbing at the stained area. Use a shop vacuum to remove liquid and repeat the blotting process as needed. Spray a bit of vinegar upon the stained area and repeat the vacuuming process.