3 Tips To Install The Right Hardwood Flooring For A Larger House

Hardwood flooring installation can make an enormous difference for any home, especially for homes with a lot of square footage. If your home is considered large and you're concerned about some of the choices to make when installing hardwood flooring, there are many things to consider to ensure you get the results you want.

Instead of being disappointed with your choice of hardwood flooring or running into issues over the cost, consider the following tips and how they can guide you when visiting a showroom or speaking with a contractor. 

Price Per Square Footage 

The cost is one of the greatest deterrents to installing new flooring in a spacious home. Since you'll need much more flooring than the typical homeowner, you need to check what to expect for the cost per square footage.  

It's common for hardwood flooring prices to be listed per square foot, making it easier to shop around and find the flooring that will fit your budget. If you have a cap for how much to spend per square foot, it's easier to compare flooring with the look you desire and it can be more reasonably priced. 

Horizontal or Vertical 

Another decision you'll need to make regarding the hardwood flooring to have installed is choosing between laying the boards horizontally or vertically. While your contractor may make this decision for you if you're unsure, it's a good idea to consider both options patiently.

Typically, you will want the floorboards to be parallel to the longest walls. This design choice can make a big difference in how satisfied you are with the new flooring and whether it will complement the size of your home. 

Unusual Corners and Edges 

Any corners and edges that are tight or have an unusual angle will mean that the floorboards must be trimmed just right. Since a large home with many rooms and closets can mean more corners and edges you'll need to design around, you'll want to work with a contractor to determine which areas need special attention.

With the numerous challenges that can arise in larger homes, it makes sense to work with an experienced contractor. Instead of worrying about the final look of the flooring you have installed, you can get answers to any questions you may have. Being patient as you shop for hardwood flooring and understanding the choices you'll need to make for larger homes can make it much easier to move forward with the installation. 

Contact a local flooring contractor to learn more about hardwood floor installation.