Refinishing The Hardwood Floors In Your Home Or Business

Wood flooring is a popular option that will be found in many homes and businesses. While wood flooring is common, the types of maintenance and work that it may need will often be poorly understood. In particular, hardwood floor refinishing can be an effective option for restoring the appearance of these floors, but misinformation about this option can make it harder for people to weigh whether this is a good solution for their needs.

Myth: Refinishing Can Correct Any Surface Damage To Wood Floors

The refinishing process will involve removing the top layer from the wood flooring, and this can lead to individuals assuming that this process will be able to handle any type of surface damage that the flooring may have suffered. While this is a versatile and effective option for staining and scratches in the flooring, there are limits to the amount of damage that the refinishing process can correct. More specifically, it can be possible for stains or scratches to extend too deep into the wood to be effectively removed with this option. In these situations, replacing the floor planks that have suffered the most damage may be necessary.

Myth: The Floors Are Ready For Use Immediately After The Refinishing Work Is Completed

The refinishing process may take a professional contractor only a few hours to complete. However, you should be mindful that these floors will need several days before they are ready for use. This is due to the need to allow the stain that was applied to the wood flooring at the end of the refinishing process to fully dry. While this can be one of the more disruptive parts of the refinishing process, it is necessary for ensuring that the new stain will be as durable as possible while also being evenly applied to the entire surface of the floor.

Myth: Only Solid Wood Flooring Is Capable Of Being Refinished

Solid wood flooring is one of the most durable options that a person can choose for their building. Not surprisingly, this type of wood flooring can be refinished many times before it needs to be replaced. However, this does not mean that engineered wood flooring is unable to go through the refinishing process. Most modern engineered wood flooring products will be made of fairly thick components, and this can make it possible for them to go through the refinishing process at least several times before the surface becomes too thin to withstand this wear.