Can You Have Marble Floors, Or Are They Too Slippery?

Marble floors look beautiful. However, many people have the perception that these floors are too slippery. There is some truth to that as marble itself is very smooth. But there are ways to make a marble floor not as slippery without sacrificing looks. Marble does require good maintenance, but it's a durable material overall. The steps you take to ensure the floor won't be slippery also help protect and prolong the life of the marble.

Use an Anti-Skid Sealant

Marble flooring should be sealed, just as any stone flooring should be. Sealing the material helps protect it against stains, and if you use an anti-skid sealant, you can also make the surface's grip better. When the sealant has been applied and dried, the floor will feel smooth because the materials used in the sealant to increase the floor's slip resistance are not coarse. But they are just rough enough to provide better grip without changing the feel of the floor.

Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

While marble floors do look lovely, using area rugs in high-traffic areas is a good idea. Not only does that eliminate the question of any slipperiness, but the rugs will also protect the floor from the constant foot traffic. You don't have to cover the floor entirely with rugs. But the main hallway of the home, the main path that people take through the living room, and so on, can all benefit from having that extra layer of material between the floor and people's (and pets') feet. That helps preserve the sealant layer and prevent dirt from settling in and dulling the marble's shine.

Keep the Floor Dry

No matter how good that anti-skid sealant is, if you leave the floor wet from water, spilled soda, or anything else, it will become slippery. Keep that floor dry. If you wash it, don't let it air dry; actually dry it with dry cloths. If you spill something or drip water on the floor, clean that up immediately. This is advice that could apply to any floor, of course, but it's urgent for marble floors because they're so smooth already.

If you're worried about slippery marble floors, don't be. You can now add sealants and take other steps to make the material slip resistant. Speak with a flooring installer about different sealants and how long you can go between applications. The tough and elegant marble floor can be yours.

For more information about marble flooring, contact a local flooring company.