Refreshing Your Wood Floors With Refinishing

Wood flooring can be a durable option for your home, but this does not mean that it will be free of having basic maintenance and care requirements. A general awareness and appreciation for the option of refinishing these floors can help you with delaying the need to replace them for as many years as possible.

Deep Stains In Wood Flooring Can Be Difficult To Remove With Basic Cleaning

Deep staining can be a common problem that aging hardwood flooring will suffer. Over the years, the finish and stain of the wood flooring may start to lose some of their durability. This can make it easier for pigments from spills and other sources to stain the wood. If this has occurred with your flooring, it will likely be impossible for you to clean these stains as they will be below the surface of the wood and out of your reach. In these situations, it may seem like your floors will be permanently discolored, but refinishing can be an option for removing them. This is due to the ability of the refinishing process to safely and effectively remove the top layer of the wood from the floors. This will eliminate the stains and expose the fresh wood underneath.

The Refinishing Process Will Require Several Days Before The Floors Are Ready For Use

The actual labor involved with refinishing the floors may only take a few hours to complete, but floors that have recently been refinished will still need several days before they are used or furniture is moved back into the area. This is necessary for ensuring that the finish that is applied to the floors will have enough time to bond with the flooring before it is potentially disturbed by people walking on it or by furniture being placed on it. Those living in humid environments may find that this could take a day or two longer, but improving the ventilation or placing a dehumidifying unit in the house can help to accelerate this process.

Many Types Of Engineered Wood Flooring Can Support Refinishing

Homeowners will frequently assume that they will only be able to have their hardwood floors refinished if they are made of solid planks. Yet, many types of engineered hardwood will be fully capable of being refinished several times before having to be replaced. Not surprisingly, many homeowners may not know or remember whether their hardwood floors will be able to support refinishing, but contractors will be able to assess the damage the floors have suffered and the floors themselves to determine whether refinishing is an option for you.

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