Benefits of Installing Vinyl Flooring in the Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your home. You are ready to upgrade the look of your outdated bathroom and want to choose products that can withstand the moisture and temperature fluctuations that occur in the bathroom. Vinyl plank or tile flooring is a great option for your bathroom for several reasons. Here are a few.

Vinyl Flooring Is Inexpensive

Porcelain tile, travertine, or even marble are some traditional choices for bathroom flooring. Unfortunately, these options are also very expensive and if you are updating multiple bathrooms, you won't have much left in your remodeling budget. Vinyl flooring is a far less expensive option that will allow you to create an amazing bathroom without breaking the bank.

Additionally, if you want to install heated or radiant flooring in your bathroom, vinyl is a great option that will withstand the higher temperatures without warping or becoming damaged.

Vinyl Flooring Can Withstand Your Bathroom's Environment

The constant changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture can warp several types of flooring, including hardwood flooring. If you love the look of hardwoods but do not want to risk the damage that can occur to wood flooring from temperature and humidity fluctuations, vinyl flooring is a great option.

Vinyl Flooring Is Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the best reasons to choose vinyl flooring is that the product is so easy to maintain and clean. Your bathroom floor can get very dirty, and, in most cases, you can use a broom and an all-purpose mopping solution to get rid of any stains, dirt, and other debris that can land on your bathroom flooring. With the right care and cleaning routine, the vinyl flooring in your bathroom can last decades.

Vinyl Flooring Is Resistant to Water  

Finally, one of the best reasons to install vinyl plank, sheet, or tile flooring in your bathroom is that the product is highly resistant to water damage. If you have kids, you know that baths and showers can mean a lot of spilled water on the floor. While vinyl flooring is resistant to water, if you leave the standing water there for several hours, your vinyl flooring can become slightly damaged.

The best way to protect your vinyl flooring in the bathroom is to use place a shower mat or carpet outside your shower and step on the mat, rather than the flooring, after a bath or shower. Additionally, make sure to wipe up any standing water as quickly as possible.

From the product's ability to withstand water and humidity to the floorings ease of maintenance, there are several reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your bathroom upgrade. 

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