Three Carpet Tile Shapes To Buy

When you want to install carpet in one or more rooms in your home, using a roll of carpet isn't your only option. An alternative choice is to buy carpet tiles. Many different types of carpet are sold in this form, allowing you to choose a design that will work well in whatever room you have in mind. You'll need to make a few decisions when you shop for carpet tiles. Not only will you need to choose the design you want, but you'll also need to decide what shape of tiles you want. You can find carpet tiles in several different shapes at your local flooring store. Here are three that are popular.


Square carpet tiles are arguably the most common, so you should expect to see plenty of examples in this shape when you shop. The size of square carpet tiles can vary considerably. If you're putting this flooring in a large room, large tiles will likely give you the look that you want. Similarly, smaller tiles in a smaller room can often look good. When you install square carpet tiles, you have the choice of placing them all so that the pattern is pointing in the same direction or turning every second tile 90 degrees to create a design that stands out more.


You'll also see a selection of rectangular carpet tiles, with numerous widths and lengths available. This shape can work well in rectangular spaces. For example, if you want to place carpet tiles in a long and narrow hallway, you may find that using a rectangular shape achieves your desired look. If you choose carpet tiles in brown or gray, you might find that their long and thin shape somewhat creates the look of hardwood flooring—albeit much more comfortable underfoot for your family.


Hexagon carpet tiles can create an appealing look that works well in various parts of your home. If you have a modern-looking living room and you're looking for an unconventional carpet design, hexagonal tiles are something to consider. These tiles can also add style to a children's playroom, a home office, or a basement. Their six-sided shape makes them stand out visually when they're installed, and you have the option of placing them in a unique design in the center of the room instead of from wall to wall.

Learn more about the various shapes and styles of carpet tiles by visiting a flooring store.