Three Undeniable Benefits Of Using Luxury Vinyl Planks For Flooring

As far as flooring is concerned, consumers usually get spoiled for choice due to the numerous flooring options available to them. However, one of the most reliable and trendiest flooring options you can choose is luxury vinyl planks. 

Luxury vinyl planks make an excellent flooring choice because they provide various benefits that are not available when you opt for other types of flooring. With that said, here are three reasons you should opt for luxury vinyl planks for your next flooring project.


One of the essential benefits of luxury vinyl planks is being entirely waterproof. As a result, they are an ideal flooring option for even the wet areas of the house, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even basements. Therefore, when you opt for luxury vinyl planks, you do not have to worry about your floors absorbing water or getting water damaged when you clean them.

Additionally, luxury vinyl planks are designed to withstand water immersion for extended periods. Thus, even in the event of a flood, you can rest assured that your floors will not incur any water damage.

Furthermore, because luxury vinyl planks can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, you do not need to seal coat your floors to protect them against water intrusion or damage.  

Wide Variety 

Luxury vinyl planks come in various colors, patterns, and textures. As a result, you are spoiled for choice as far as aesthetics are concerned.

For instance, you can find luxury vinyl planks that resemble wood if you want a wooden appearance for your floors. Additionally, it is pretty easy to find luxury vinyl planks with the same texture as stone, wood, ceramic, etc. Your luxury vinyl plank floors can mimic the appearance and texture of almost any other type of flooring.

However, the main benefit of using luxury vinyl floors to mimic wood or another type of flooring is that you get a similar appearance and feel at a cheaper cost than the real deal. And if the luxury vinyl planks are installed properly, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Excellent Durability

When you think of hardwood floors, one of their main disadvantages is getting damaged easily. For example, simply walking on hardwood floors in high heels or dropping a heavy object on them can leave a dent.

However, luxury vinyl planks are engineered to withstand heavy traffic and minor to moderate impact. Thus, even when you drop an object on luxury vinyl plank floors, they can absorb the force of the drop without leaving a mark. As a result, they are more resistant to damage than wooden floors.

If you have questions about luxury vinyl planks, find an installer near you.