The Pros And Cons Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Choosing the best flooring material for your business can be a difficult selection process. Price and durability must be taken into consideration. One popular option, especially for industrial and commercial settings, is an epoxy coating over an existing concrete floor. Epoxy is prized for its protective qualities and easy maintenance. However, is it right for your business? Here are a few pros and cons to consider.



One of the characteristics of epoxy flooring that makes it so ideal for commercial applications is its resistance to so many chemicals and products. It won't absorb any spills of gasoline, bleach, oil, or most chemicals and these products won't harm the finish either. It's also resistant to bacteria and that makes it easy to sanitize.

Easy to Clean

Because it's resistant to so many chemicals and products, it's also very simple to clean. All you'll need is a mop and a bucket.


Epoxy flooring is extremely cost-effective when installed over existing concrete when compared to other types of commercial flooring. On average, you can expect to pay between $3 and $12 per square foot for a professional commercial installation. Prices vary depending on the type of epoxy you select and the size of the project.


Epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns so you can easily customize a look to suit your business.



One disadvantage of choosing epoxy is that the floor can become quite slippery when it gets wet. It's important to clean up any spills right away or notify customers or employees when the floor is wet so that there are no accidents.


Epoxy coatings can be quite time-consuming to install especially when taking into account the preparation of the existing concrete. It's best to leave the job to experienced professionals. Additionally, the chemicals required for installation create a strong odor that can cause irritation to respiration and to the eyes so ideally the job should be done when the building isn't in use and there is time for the coating to cure properly.

Won't Last Forever

Although epoxy is very durable, wear and tear will eventually take its toll and it will need reapplication. In residential settings like garages that might not be necessary for decades, but in commercial applications with constant foot and machine traffic, it might only be a few years. However, considering its low cost and other benefits, many business owners consider epoxy worth it.

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